Can I just use Blincclip instead of my light?

Blincclip is a blinking reflector that will reflect light back to the light source. Hence, it will not light up by itself. So, you still need to use your light as general visibility. Kindly refer to your own local law and regulation about cycling in the dark. It is not recommended and even illegal to some countries to cycle without proper lighting.

My saddlebag covers my saddle rail!

With the included string, you can practically attach Blincclip on the saddlebag.

I have some specific places I would want Blincclip to attach to!

As Mentioned, Blincclip comes with a string. So, you can practically attach Blincclip anywhere you like. Or, you can DIY them. Kindly send the DIY picture to us so we know how creative you are :)

How long will Blincclip last?

Diamond Grade Reflector is the highest grade reflector from 3M. The material itself is designed for outdoor use. So, it should last you years to come.

Will blincclip fit my saddle rail?

Yes, it fits almost any general bike saddle rail.

How will blincclip get shipped?

After the campaign is successful, we will send you a survey to fill up your shipping particulars and reward chosen. Blincclip will be shipped via Singpost registered Airmail. We will email you back the tracking number. Hence, you can track your items after it is shipped. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for any customs charges may be required by your country for importing goods.